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My Linocut


This is a little bit embarrasing coming as a follow up to the work of all those amazing linocut artists I posted earlier, but here is my first foray into the mysterious world known as printmaking! My brief was to design a 6×4 block incorporating a letter of the alphabet and an illustration to represent that […]



What a tangled web we weave.

Tattoo Design


Ah! Haven’t updated for a week, so while I’m in the process of writing up something a little more PDP related, I thought I would post up some more personal art. Another one my favourite illustration related interests is tattoo design. I don’t have any myself and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I find […]



Just an observational page out of the sketchbook I’m working on for the ‘phobias’ brief. I’ve chosen to look at ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds. I’m not actually scared of birds and never have been, but I thought it could make for an interesting picture, which is what it’s all about, right? :)  I’ve kind […]

Eye see you


I’ve been wanting to get some of my work up here for a while, so I’m gonna put this up and hope no one notices that I haven’t updated for the past couple of days >.> Eyes have to be my favourite thing to draw in the whole world. Sorry for the grainy-ness of this scan, […]

Love hurts…


…cos I actually cut myself with a scalpel whilst making this. This was actually made during the first term of uni but I thought I would share it here as it’s nice to keep everything in one place, no?  These are really fun to make, if a little scary at first. The nature of the work means […]