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Don’t you just love those moments of random inspiration? Sitting here at 11:30pm I decided to indulge in some drawing ‘just for fun’ as I’ve been so bogged down with uni work lately. Not that uni work isn’t fun of course…*cough* It’s just that I feel guilty spending time on something so self-indulgent when I […]

After a long anticipated wait and a bit of bother trying to get 3 seats next to each other, I finally got to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday. In 3D. :D Cinema was packed as expected, but as soon as the film started I was so immersed in the quirky realm of Wonderland that I […]

Hello world!


Just on the off chance that anyone is reading this, hi and welcome to my blog. :) I’m pretty new to the whole blogging craze, but today I am forcing myself to figure this thing out and make a proper start. The last couple of weeks have been really interesting, and I’ve been making a […]