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The final lecture I attended during Creative Futures week was given by Chris Woodworth, an animator who has previously worked for Image Metrics, and currently for Traveller’s Tales games. I was a little unsure as to what this lecture would be about, but decided to go along and check it out anyway, as the computer games […]

The next lecture I attended was given by freelance illustrator extraordinaire, Jonathan Edwards. Check out his website here: Jonathan talked us through a slideshow of his work and career, which was a really interesting insight into the life of a freelance illustrator-  just seeing the breadth of companies he has created images for was a real […]

New day, new inspirations. The first lecture on the Wednesday was given by Alex Willmore and Lauren Sharpe, the collaborative force behind the upcoming graphic novel, Kronos City. You can find their joint blog here:    Alex draws the lineart, while Lauren is the colourist. In a world where increasingly it seems illustrators must be a […]

The second lecture I attended on the Tuesday was given by Denise Chilton from Barceidillo, a company who deal in stress management. For some cool stress-busting tips, check out their website; complete with relaxing background music!   This lecture wasn’t really what I was expecting as it was billed to us as ‘Marketing Yourself’ yet […]

…Okay, so technically it was last week, but I took soooo many notes that the task of writing it up seemed rather daunting. I’m going to split the entries into the separate lectures to make it more reader friendly. :) The first lecture I attended on the Tuesday morning was given by Abi Whitehouse, who […]



One thing which seems to be a recurring theme in our Professional Practise lectures is the idea of sustainability of our artwork. I think this is something interesting to think about, especially as a new illustrator trying to break into the industry. Sure as artists we all long to create something timeless that people will […]