Creative Futures: Alex and Lauren

New day, new inspirations. The first lecture on the Wednesday was given by Alex Willmore and Lauren Sharpe, the collaborative force behind the upcoming graphic novel, Kronos City. You can find their joint blog here:  

Preview page of Kronos City

 Alex draws the lineart, while Lauren is the colourist. In a world where increasingly it seems illustrators must be a jack of all trades, I found the fact that there are still jobs out there for colourists really comforting, as I am still very new to the world of photoshop! I’m not quite sure how I’d feel handing over my work to someone else though, unless I knew they shared the same vision as myself. Luckily though, it seems Alex and Lauren do.

Probably the most inspiring thing I took away from their lecture was the way they had broken out of the ‘boundaries’ of their degree. Both Lauren and Alex were former students of Glyndwr, who graduated on the Illustration for Children’s Publishing course, and have now gone into a completely different field. For someone like myself studying General Illustration, it is nice to know that I can still go into something more specialised, if I so wish.
Along with many other handy hints and the story of their career progression they talked about the importance of networking, of getting out there and getting your work known and also taking the opportunities when they present themselves. They also advised us not to take rejection to heart, and sometimes just getting your work seen by a director is the most important thing. While you may not fit the brief they are currently commissioning for, they might remember your work for when a more suitable commission comes up. It was very inspiring to hear that Alex and Lauren were working on live briefs for clients while still studying for their degrees. Sleep is for the weak!
I enjoyed this lecture as Alex and Lauren were really friendly and engaging and, through sharing real-life experiences, gave advice that was really tailored to us as first year illustration students.

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