Happy Final Fantasy XIII Day!

Being creative types I’m sure most of you probably already know that the game we have all been waiting for, FF13, is out today! I’m sitting here staring at my shiny new collector’s edition as I type. Sadly, I have made a bet/promise of sorts to a friend that I won’t play it until he returns from London on Thursday. So, I’m going to content myself by instead writing a little about why I love the series and how it has inspired me. :) 

Look at the pretty graphics!

It really angers me when games don’t get credit for being works of art in their own right. I mean, some of the concept art for these games is nothing short of amazing! When I first played FF7 and then 8 especially, I was completely blown away by the character design- I challenge you to find me a game that is more beautifully designed and as well put together. In fact, it is largely the character designs of the Final Fantasy series that inspired me to become an illustrator in the first place, and encouraged my art to take the direction it has. I long to be a part of something so inspiring, and as such I am forever designing characters, or writing little back stories. In fact, I am currently working on a top secret project, but more about that later…;)

Concept art/games design is something I would really love to go into in the future.


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