Creative Futures: Denise Chilton

The second lecture I attended on the Tuesday was given by Denise Chilton from Barceidillo, a company who deal in stress management. For some cool stress-busting tips, check out their website; complete with relaxing background music! 
 This lecture wasn’t really what I was expecting as it was billed to us as ‘Marketing Yourself’ yet seemed more geared toward a business or ‘brand’ than the freelance artist. Still, it was interesting nonetheless.
Denise spoke to us about branding and how you project yourself to others. One interesting fact that I took away from this lecture was that when it comes to communication with others only 7% of our meaning is derived from the actual words that we say. Tone accounts for 38% and a huge 55% is based on our body language alone. This is something to take on board when meeting potential clients, and was reinforced by other guest lecturers the next day, who all spoke about the importance of actually going to meet with directors in person. According to Denise, the best way to build rapport is to act like you already have it.
During the hour we were also encouraged to think about our own U.S.P- unique selling point. We all participated in an exercise which involved us writing down what we believed to be our U.S.Ps. I wrote down ‘perfectionist’ and when Denise came round she must have thought I seemed a little dejected, as she asked me whether I believed it. I replied that I did, but that I just wasn’t sure if it was a positive thing or not. Denise told me that she absolutely believed it was a good thing, and that being successful is all about recognising your quirks and making them work for you. Passion = success.

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