Alice in Wonderland


After a long anticipated wait and a bit of bother trying to get 3 seats next to each other, I finally got to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday. In 3D. :D

Cinema was packed as expected, but as soon as the film started I was so immersed in the quirky realm of Wonderland that I didn’t even notice.
Okay, so story-wise it’s not the best film ever, but visually, it is a treat. Tim Burton’s inimitable style fits the strange world of Wonderland perfectly. I love the art direction, it’s just a match made in heaven.
If you’re a creative type, you MUST see this film. If only for the Mad Hatter’s  ‘futterwacking’ dance. Yes, it is every bit as epic as it sounds.
Quote of the day:
“Spooooon!” ~ March Hare

2 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland”

  1. 1 theboringblueboy

    I’ve been waiting SO long to see this film just for the visionary experience but I STILL haven’t seen it! I hope it’s worth the wait though, and the tenner it costs just to see it in 3D.

    • Definitely worth seeing for Burton fans! :) Not his best work but it is a really original take on Alice, which is a story I always loved anyway…visually it is just beautiful, 3D is worth every penny, it really brings it to life.

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